Eva Mechler Lounge Collection

Working with wood is a profession of Eva’ Mechler’s family since 140 years. Eva herself qualified in Germany as a Master Furniture Maker in 2001. Since then, Eva has managed both small and large scale furniture and joinery production in Germany and in Switzerland. Today, Eva has her own company and fully equipped workshop in north Germany, from where she offers her sculptured art-furniture made to order for each individual customer. Eva is hands-on with every step of the making process from sketch to workshop to completion. The Eva Mechler Lounge Collection is in development for two years already and has been exhibited in Monaco, Amsterdam, and London. The first orders from customers arrived in 2023. The primary market place is within the superyacht industry where Eva Mechler has established a strong reputation as a first class artisan of bespoke solid wood furniture. The second market is being sought via design galleries targeting collectors in Monaco, London, and New York, where Eva Mechler has already established connections. “In the landscape of female makers, Eva Mechler stands out with her commitment to contemporary values. Her work in wood is ethical, sustainable, and authentic while demonstrating the power of timelessness. Standing at the intersection of design, craft, architecture, and social responsibility, she is the epitome of what it means to be a maker; to preserve skills, to retain craftsmanship as a marker of contemporary culture, and to teach us that simplicity is still an ideal way to celebrate sophisticated taste.” Daniella Ohad, New York


The materials are of fine quality woods selected from European native species harvested from sustainably managed forests especially in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. For the superyacht sector especially, the collection is made with Tesumo – a modified wood developed to replace Teak.


Concept Eva Mechler: influence from 1950’s Modernist Furniture Design. Development Eva Mechler: starting with her own design three leg stool with scale models made for each developed model. Scale Drawings Eva Mechler: Construction Eva Mechler: blending traditional and original jointing method. Wood Preparation Eva Mechler: selecting, sawing, planing, assembly, all taking place in the Eva Mechler Workshop. Carving and finishing Eva Mechler: